The first factual entertainment format to truly tackle the screen addiction we ALL now suffer.

From kids as young as 3 already spending six hours a day on devices

To couples old and young who’ve forgotten how to communicate

To students, holidaymakers and office teams unable to disconnect

In every episode our psychologist and tech expert duo stage a dramatic intervention to lock up their tech, and unlock their bigger issues. And when our distinctive and highly marketable Perspex SCREEN GRAB BOX arrives in their home, office, school, or holiday resort, they’ll know it’s bye bye to their devices… until they can learn the tips, tricks and lessons that will help them stay in control of them forever.

example episodes

Too Much Too Young – a family with screen-dependent toddlers

What Screens Do To Teens – school special, with a giant box in the playground

Lonely Together – an older couple lost to their individual screen obsessions

Sun, Sea and Screens – holiday special, with the giant box taking over a holiday resort of selfie-obsessed vacationers

I Can’t Live Without… – a family unable to function without their various apps

Work/Life Balance – workplace special with the box in an office, addressing a team of email-addicted workers, from the boss down

Addicted To… – a couple whose devices are making them more susceptible to their other addictions (online shopping, gambling)

Insta-sham – a group of young housemates deal with the issue of reallife versus online life: in dating, body image and more

Screen Grab has been piloted for BBC Scotland and is currently under discussion as a series.